Zero Annual Percentage Rate Credit Cards

There is no doubt that the human race has many weeknesses. Where I am sure many would say sex was the greatest, I believe that money, or the lack there of, constitutes the single biggest human weakness.

You might wonder why money is the human race greatest weakness? Actually it is the ‘lack of money’ that is the real culprit. When people do not have money they turn to many things. One of those is credit. Credit cards are certainly one of the greatest weaknesses for human beings.

Now, I can’t really speak on behalf of everyone else, but Americans are seriously guilty when it comes to charging their credit cards to the max. I have worked in customer service for 8 years, run my own debt counseling agency for twice that long and I have seen people day-in and day-out, abusing evil credit cards.

I call them evil for obvious reasons. They tend to shaft you with the interest rates at some point or another. Of course if you can find 0 annual percentage rate credit cards, then that’s ideal. You want no interest rate on balance transfers and purchases. Ha, if you can actually find such a credit card, then I commend you. Remember, the first time you break the credit card companies rules, such as being late on a payment, the interest rates go through the roof.

If you’re not yet savvy when it comes to credit cards and how they work, let me fill you in. The perfect plastic would be 0 annual percentage rate credit cards. Now, these are not so easy to come by. Typically what credit card companies do is pitch a 0 APR on balance transfers. This generally only lasts for a year. Then it’s hard to say how high the annual percentage rate will go. This is the credit card company’s way of capturing you into a high interest rate.

Maybe you have student loan debt of ten grand, for example, which has a horrible percentage rate. If you were to find one of these 0 interest rate cards you could transfer the balance onto your 0 interest rate credit card and suddenly have a 0 percentage rate. That’s great you say! There are no two ways about it. It would even be better if you could pay the debt off before the year of 0 APR runs out. The real question is, will you make all your payments on time?



Anyway, with most 0 annual percentage rate credit cards it doesn’t concern purchases. I have yet to see a credit card that offers 0 APR for a year on purchases, balance transfers sometimes, purchases almost never, especially as the economy stands today.

Remember that the credit card companies want to make money off the interest. This is why they don’t offer it with purchases. They know, however, that they will keep their credit card if you transfer a balance and the opportunity to miss a month payment or be late is good for them. When you miss a payment all bets are off. Your interest rate will go up…up…and oh yeah…UP! And most people almost never pay off their balance transfers at the end of one year. So after one year you will be forking out the extremely high interest each and every month. This is simply the way of the credit card industry.

Maybe you’re searching for 0 annual percentage rate credit cards in order to do a balance transfer. Hey, you should absolutely delve into cyberspace and do a Google search. I’m sure you will find several 0 annual percentage rate credit cards currently available. Just remember that these 0 annual percentage rate credit cards most likely reguarding balance transfers and not new purchases. It’s doubtful that the 0 APR concerns purchases. So basically don’t charge them unless you must, and always pay on time and never miss a payment.

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