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What are the Bankruptcy Laws?

What are the bankruptcy laws? This is a very good question. Bankruptcy laws can be complex and difficult to answer. The reason you have bankruptcy laws to begin with is that they originated in the bankruptcy courts by bankruptcy attorneys. Bankruptcy laws can be both in the consumers benefit and the creditors benefit. It mainly […]


How will bankruptcy affect me and my family?

Bankruptcy can have a trickle down affect on both you and every member of your family.  The first thing is that when you decide to file bankruptcy, you will need to let the entire family know so that they will understand the family financial situation. Children need to understand why you are telling them no […]


How do I remove a bankruptcy from my credit report?

So in order to remove a bankruptcy from your credit report, you only need to send a letter to the credit bureaus asking them to verify if you even had filed a bankruptcy. Do you think it could be this easy? Think again. The credit bureaus will