Today I want to talk to you about getting good credit scores by removing an item on your credit reports called credit inquiries. But before discussing good credit scores and credit inquiries we need to define “Credit Inquiries” and what “Credit Report Inquiries” are. This article will explain what good credit scores, credit score inquiries and removing credit inquiries are all about.

Do you know what credit inquiries are? Did you know you cannot get a good credit score with credit inquiries on your credit reports? Let me tell you what credit inquiries are before we learn how to remove credit score inquiries and get that good credit score we all want.

Most people think they have good credit score, but when you apply for credit, you give the creditor permission to take a look at your personal credit report and they will know quickly if you have a good credit score. You see, a credit report is a personal history of how you pay your bills to each creditor that reports to the credit bureau and the request by a creditor to see your credit report, and what you think is a good credit score, is usually called a credit report inquiry. But to a credit bureau, these are known as hard credit report inquiries.

Credit report inquiries happen when the credit bureaus put a notation on your credit report showing that you gave a creditor permission to pull your credit report or your good credit scores. Viewing your good credit scores or credit report helps the creditor make a determination of your credit risk. These hard credit report inquiries or credit score inquiries do affect your good credit scores. You need to also be aware that hard credit report inquiries or credit score inquiries are the only inquiries that the creditors see.

So if a creditor only sees the hard credit report inquiries or credit score inquiries, you may ask, are there any other types of credit inquiries? What other credit score inquiries are there? Glad you asked. There is another type of creditor inquiry known as soft credit report inquiries. Credit inquiries may come from an employer performing a credit check on you for employment purposes. Credit inquiries can also come from a creditor requesting good credit score information from the credit bureaus on consumers for pre-approved offers of credit or insurance for people with a credit card scores. These types of soft credit report inquiries do not affect your credit card scores.

So now you know definition of credit report inquiries, credit report inquiries or credit score inquiries. What else do I need to know to have good credit scores? First of all, I need to let you know that hard credit report inquiries can stay on your credit report, affecting your good credit scores negatively for up to two years. Most creditors however, only pay attention to credit score inquiries listed within a certain time frame. Some look only at the last six months of credit inquiries, while the majority of credit businesses only pay attention to the last year of credit inquiries. They want to see where you have been applying, what your payment history has been and what your credit card scores looks like.

Now I can get to the point of this blog, which is, how you go about removing credit score inquiries and improving your credit card scores. To begin the process, obviously, you will need to have copies of your latest credit bureau reports from all three credit bureaus. If you have not yet done this, check the “credit report links” on the next line and get all three credit bureau reports within a few minutes right here on your computer.

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Once you have your credit reports, you need to look at the bottom of the report where it lists the credit report inquiries. All three bureaus have this in a ‘section’ marked ‘Credit Inquiries’. You do not need to worry about the soft credit inquiries as these were only for promotion purposes. We want to concentrate on the hard credit score inquiries that can affect your credit card scores.

In the “Credit Score Inquiries” section of your credit reports, you will find the names of the companies you applied. This section will also list the companies address and date in which you applied. The actual process to remove these hard credit report inquiries is quite simple. From here, you begin removing credit inquiries. Write a letter to the creditor and ask them to remove the credit inquiry. If you did apply with that creditor and the credit report inquiries are accurate, you will need to wait until the two year time is completed. If, however, you did not apply for credit with a creditor that is listed on your credit report under the credit inquiries section, then you will want to write letters requesting the companies remove the credit score inquiries from your credit report immediately. What you are doing is challenging the creditor to whether the credit inquiries legally belong on your credit report.

When you send letters to creditors, requesting the removing credit report inquiries, make sure that you keep a copy of the letter you send for your records and send the other letter certified. This will make sure that credit bureaus receive the letter in which you are disputing the credit score inquiries. It will also insure that they know that you know they got your letter. When the credit bureaus receive your credit report inquiries letter they will have 30 days to respond. If they do not respond to your letter in a timely manner, under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, they must remove the inquiry immediately. If they do respond but refuse to remove the inquiry, send a second letter disputing the credit inquiries that you wish they remove. The creditors, at this time, may have a lack of response to your dispute. The creditor’s lack of response is grounds for the credit bureaus to remove your credit inquiries and restore your good credit scores. Make sure that you stay strong and firm and continue to send your letters demanding that the credit score inquiries be removed. Most creditors cannot give you a proper verification that you applied for credit with them so the credit bureaus will automatically remove the credit report inquiries. However, they do try to buck you first. The key is to never give up.

Keep in mind that you really do not want to remove every single credit inquiry from your credit reports. You only want to remove enough of them to keep you from being denied credit and destroy your credit card scores in the future.

Please let me know if this article on Credit Inquiries has been helpful to you.

Good luck and remember, never give up!

Janna Jones