Identity Theft-Identity Crisis on the Rise

Identity crisis is skyrocketing. In today’s social networking and the computer, it is very easy for criminals to get a hold of your personal information and use it to their advantage. Being a victim of identity fraud is very much to your disadvantage. No one wants to be a victim of identity theft, but according to Consumer Reports, two out of three online households use social networks. This alone shows a huge possibility of problems for identity crisis. With things like Twitter, Face book, My Space or similar networks being as common as milk and eggs, it is not a question of if you ever will encounter identity theft, but when you become a victim of identity theft.  A  whopping forty percent of users on the computers to social network sits have been naïve, dumb, not thinking, or stupid, and shared their full birth date along with other vital private information right there on the social site itself. It was just there for the thieves to take it. So lesson number one is to not give out this pertinent information. Whatever it is that you are doing online, just list your month and day of your birthday. Never ever give out your driver’s license number, social security number or credit card number on any social network site. I have even seen dummies give out their personal phone numbers. Don’t do this because you will be sorry.

There are many programs available to you, the consumer, to help you in the event that you become a victim of identity theft. These services will help you get back on track. Check out some of them that I have listed.

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There are some things that you can do to actually protect yourself from identity fraud and not become a victim of identity theft in this identity crises era and to keep thieves from obtaining your personal information.

The first thing is do not be too eager to give out your actual personal information in the first place. This rule really applies to you young people. You must learn that you cannot trust everyone. Also, just because they ask for it does not mean that you have to give it to them.  Sometimes thieves can be disguised as friends. You really need to be careful.

When placing orders online, make sure that you have entered a secured site with the order. Usually a picture of a lock appears to let you know that the site is secured. When you do place an order, print up your receipt. This is always good to have in case something goes wrong with the order.

Don’t be fooled into thinking the identity crisis of identity theft is only happening to younger people. There are thieves that specifically target seniors and the elderly. They are an easy target as they have more money to steal and are not as computer savvy. Their credit is usually fantastic and before you know it, thieves can wipe out your entire savings.

You need to be aware of what is on your credit reports at all times. The link below may be able to help you obtain your latest credit reports;

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If there is something on your reports that you did not purchase, you need to notify the credit bureaus immediately. You should also notify your banking institution to give them a heads up on what you found. Balance your checkbook monthly. Know what is being charged on your accounts. Balance your credit card statements monthly as well. Call your credit card company if you have noticed anything unusual. Don’t be afraid to speak up. No one will care for your credit more than you.

This identity crisis that is on the rise can be overwhelming. Don’t let it get the best of you. Protect yourself. Protect your identity and do not become an identity theft victim. Be aware of identity fraud. You can overcome this crisis.

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