How do I do fast debt reduction?

So how can you get your credit card debt paid off without doing debt consolidation or debt settlement and still find debt relief? This is a good question. Today I want to educate you on what fast debt reduction or debt management really is and how it works.

Since I have not come across a company that does fast debt reduction without doing a debt settlement, I am going to explain here what you can do yourself to reduce have true debt relief and take your debt and reduce it fast. First you will need to determine how much debt you actually have. Then you will need to figure out what the lowest balance is and list your credit card debt from top to bottom beginning with the lowest balance credit card debt as number one.

At this point, you will want to pay the minimum payment on all of your credit card debt and don’t be late with any of them. Once you pay off credit card debt number one, take the money that you were paying credit card debt number one and apply all of this extra money to credit card debt number two.

Continue to make the minimum payments on all the rest of your credit card debts. Once credit card debt number two is paid off, now take the extra funds that you were paying credit card debt number one and credit card debt number two and give all this money to credit card debt number three.

Are you beginning to see the big picture here? Before you know it, you will have paid off every single one of your credit card debt that you owe. The last two debts on your list should be your cars and your home mortgage. Wouldn’t it be great to also have these paid off as well?

Most of your credit card debt will be paid off within three to five years and then you will have debt relief. It will depend on what your balances are on your credit cards to determine exactly how long this debt management program will go on for you.

Now that you have completed the debt management process of getting rid of your credit card debt and have complete debt relief of credit cards, focus all of the funds on paying off your cars and then onto your mortgage.

Wow, what a great feeling you will have once you realize that you no longer have any debt, not even a mortgage! Keep in mind that in order to do all of this you would have had to cut up all of your credit cards and make the commitment to never have credit card debt again. Cash is still king and always will be.

Good Luck until next time,

Janna Jones

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