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Credit Card Laws, Changes and Things You Can Do for You!

Congress made a change in the credit card laws. This credit card change will apply both to the consumer and to the companies that issue credit cards to consumers. First we should give you the definition of this law that was changed. The law that I am speaking of is called The Credit Card Accountability […]


What are the Bankruptcy Laws?

What are the bankruptcy laws? This is a very good question. Bankruptcy laws can be complex and difficult to answer. The reason you have bankruptcy laws to begin with is that they originated in the bankruptcy courts by bankruptcy attorneys. Bankruptcy laws can be both in the consumers benefit and the creditors benefit. It mainly […]


Identity Theft-Identity Crisis on the Rise

Identity crisis is skyrocketing. In today’s social networking and the computer, it is very easy for criminals to get a hold of your personal information and use it to their advantage. You do not have to be a victim. We can show you how to